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About Us

As residents of New York, we have a lot to be proud of and inspired by. Our unique home is a center of finance, culture, immigration, and tourism. New York City, with a population of over 8.1 million, is the most populous city in the United States. New York is a history lover’s paradise, given that one third of the battles of the Revolutionary War alone were fought in New York. Modern day battles occur daily and weekly with all of our sports teams that play in the area, such as: the Giants, the Jets, the Mets, the Yankees, the Knicks, and the Nets! And don’t forget a minor team like the Ducks!

When you need transportation throughout the New York area, Travelux New York Limo is pleased to provide it. We have been privileged to see many locals and visitors alike enjoy the vicinity of New York and all that it offers – from fabulous restaurants, to award winning shows and teams. Our huge international airports allow you to travel to anywhere in the world that you want to go, and we are happy to provide you a timely airport drop off and a reliable airport pick up. Reliability and confidence are what we offer.

When it comes to social occasions, with all of our experience, we know what you are looking for. And of course, feel free to tell us too! We understand that many business clients, while needing friendly service, mainly need privacy and left alone so that they can attend to the affairs of business. Wedding parties on the other hand need an event that they will remember forever – and that lavishes fun and attention on each party member. If you need general transportation or airport drop off and pick up – we know you may need reliable timely service and help with your bags. Whatever your needs are, we are happy to provide the excellent customer service that Travelux New York Limo is known for.

We are experts in luxury ground transportation. Our service has left countless customers satisfied and asking for repeat business. As experts of the New York area, we are happy to provide itinerary suggestions and other recommendations when necessary. Please feel free to call our customer service department for any additional information and recommendations.